Cayowaa House

São Paulo, Brazil
2010 — 2010

Built in the 1970s, this residence is located in São Paulo in a typical dead-end  street with semi-detached houses that occupy the interior of a block and are accessed via an alley that opens into a public courtyard. Keeping the façade almost untouched, the renovation radically altered the interior, thanks to the structural reinforcement provide by metal beams. The main characteristic of the renovation is the transformation of the ground floor: the environments that make up the main house and the guest house open up onto a patio, creating a continuous space. Text by Fernando Serapião

Architecture: Spadoni AA - Francisco Spadoni (author); Tiago de Oliveira Andrade, Carolina Mina Fukumoto, Fabiana Benine, Sabrina Chibani, Samir Gouveia (team)

Structure: Marcel Mendes
Landscaping: Célia Alves
Photos: Tiago de Oliveira Andrade

Site area: 110 m²
Built area: 175 m²