Expo Milan 2015:
Coffee Pavilion

Milan, Italy

This work was a result of the project workshop promoted by Expo Milan 2015 for the construction of the pavilions at the International Cluster. Organized by the Politecnico di Milano, eighteen universities from five continents were invited to work together in nine different pavilions representing different food of the world: coffee, cocoa, cereal grains, rice, fruits, vegetables, spices, dry zones, islands and seas. Each two universities, as well as the Politecnico, were responsible for the conception of a Thematic Pavilion. The University of São Paulo was the institution invited to represent South America. The FAUUSP team, composed by Francisco Spadoni and the postgraduate students Alexandre Hepner; Cesar Shundi Iwamisu and Ricardo Felipe Gonçalves, were in Milan during October 2012 to project the pavilion dedicated to the culture of coffee. The process demanded that each team developed three different versions to the pavilions, which were made during this workshop. The selected project from our group was the one by Alexandre Hepner's team, with the theme Coffee in the Forest, which advanced the hypothesis of the great shadow and worked with the official material, wood. To our great satisfaction, the pavilions were built, what was a historical landmark to an activity of academic origins.

Coordinators: Francisco Spadoni (Universidade de São Paulo), Stefan Vieths and Alessandro Colombo (Politecnico di Milano)
Selected team: Alexandre Hepner (Universidade de São Paulo), Eliana Guerzoni, Matilde Rossini and Susanna De Besi (Politecnico di Milano)